Cloud Services

With hosted applications you don’t have to worry about maintenance, reliability and security updates. A hosted application can also be better if you travel around a lot – giving you access to your information wherever you are.

Currently Icon Solutions Ltd can help you with hosted Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint solutions, Online BackUp CRMs and ERPs giving you professional applications without the cost or the hardware, or it may be more cost-effective to consider an outsourced solution.

Hosted desktops and servers can save you money. Licensing software only needs to be provided for the host or ‘virtual machine’ as laptops only access this software via the host. And only basic laptops are needed to access the host, since an internet connection is all that’s required not expensively configured machines.

Hosted Applications are an efficient cost-effective means of operating entire offices, especially those that are geographically distributed. Icon Solutions Ltd, hosted application packages include all maintenance, support, and backups.

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