IT Equipment Sales

The technology industry is renowned for its relentless research and development, continually releasing faster, stronger and more efficient hardware to align the demands of business. However, with every newly released product there is invariably another product that is discontinued. The manufacturers only retain a limited stock of parts pertaining to that product; therefore, as your IT hardware ages, replacement parts become harder to locate and increase in. In an ideal world we would recommend an upgrade, but that is not always possible.

Icon Solutions Ltd is partnering with many of the world leading IT hardware manufacturers and software houses. If we do not partner with a specific brand you choose, we can still competitively source your desired products.

In essence we provide a holistic service from cradle to grave, avoiding those expensive mistakes of ordering none compatible equipment, advising the benefits of one product over another to ensure your purchase is future proof.

We pride ourselves in offering traditional values, those of quality products supplied by professional and qualified staff supported by industry leading manufacturers and governed by a policy that puts the customer’s needs first.

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