Network Implementation

For any organisation with 5 or more IT users, a network is the backbone that enables productivity gains and increased efficiency in today’s competitive business environment. If you have more than 20 users, you need a network solution that delivers constant information and is optimised for peak performance.
However, the complexity of implementing and maintaining an optimised computer network is no longer a simple process. Integrating diverse technologies and products and allowing for the more flexible and mobile working practices of the 21st century places great pressure on organisations that need to design, implement and manage both local and wide area networks.
It is simply not possible for internal IT staff to keep up to date with all the latest advancements in technology and potential threats to the network. That is why it makes sense to partner with an organisation that can provide these skills and experience.
Our services
Icon Solutions Ltd are experts in the design, implementation and support of networks that enable your business to maximize its investment in IT. We can provide network solutions for organisations that have tens or hundreds of users.
Our network design services cover multi-vendor networks and management systems. We can provide an analysis of the low-level design of your current network and offer recommendations based on industry best practices.
Whether you are designing a simple switched network or a large scale corporate network with wide area capabilities, we can help minimize time-consuming redesign and ensure the success of your deployment by reviewing your design, or provide complete design services from scratch.