Network Support

If your business has a Microsoft network with just two computers or a complex business network spanning multiple offices, Icon Solutions Ltd support solutions are designed to meet your needs. If your business needs expert technical support, then our IT support solutions are for you. Our outsourced IT support contracts are designed around your business – we calculate the complexity of your IT network, and use this data to create a bespoke support contract, drawing from standard service offerings. This contract is regularly reviewed and can be adjusted at any time.

Acting as your virtual IT department, we supply IT support services and business systems advice. Providing you with a highly personal service anddelivering first class support to your staff, every working hour of the day, on every business day. Our service won’t take a holiday, have sick days or arrive late for work.
You don’t need to invest in a full time employee, and our service will always cost less than an equivalent internal IT support person or team – whilst delivering much more. Our service desk is always available to provide expert help from the most trivial issue to high level, strategic consultancy. With an IT support contract from Icon Solutions Ltd, you’ll have high level professionals on tap; from experts in Network Security, Data Backup, Email and Messaging, Microsoft Office applications, to PC and Server Hardware.